Sunday, July 25

Insomnia for dummies

I woke up at 4pm yesterday, then played video games until midnight. My friend picked me up in his car, we drove to Tim Horton's and stayed till about 2am. Then we came here and watched The Mask on VHS. He passed out on his couch and here I am posting at 6:33am.

Summer + unemployment = freedom.

Thursday, July 22


Alright it's time to go meet some friends and walk around the Just For Laughs festival like a bunch of tourist idiots. Bye.

Sunday, July 18

Status report

Uh, so without internet my house is apparently pretty boring. I've been coming over to my brother's house to use his computer most of the time. No luck with the job search but I have an assload of CV's to hand out tomorrow (if it doesn't rain). If I get lucky I'll get hired at EBGames.
Other than that I went to both the Jazz Festival and Just For Laughs in the past week. Jazz Fest was pretty much just tourists and drunken frenchmen poking you in the back for about an hour and a half trying to get a better view of whatever was going on. Then when you turn around to leave people push you forward out of their way and you get angry and leave.
Just For Laughs was pretty good though, a bunch of outdoor stuff going on like acrobats and kangaroo costumes and music. Triumph the comic insult dog is in town but it's 33$ to go see his show. If I was rich I'd be going, but maybe I'll get a glimpse of him outside making fun of French people.
It's raining a lot in Montreal which sucks a donkey's ass cuz it's really humid and hot in the morning then rainy and cold at night. Oh well.

Wednesday, July 7

Vote Ice Cream Dude for Prime Minister

So anyway the other day me, Myke, Nick and Nick (who shall be known as Farmer Nick and Nick with the Fro, respectively) went to the mall to waste some time. Some time in between trying to play free Xbox at Future Shop and staring at some kids play Dance Dance Revolution, we decide to pool our money together to get a 4 litre tub of ice cream and some spoons so we can eat it outside. 10 minutes and 7 dollars later, we're sitting outside Maxi on the patio chairs that they were displaying and scooping out ice cream with these cheap plastic spoons that are barely the size of a bottlecap.

We looked like dummies but it was worth it. A few people comment on us on the way into the Maxi with stuff like "That ice cream looks good" and stuff like that. Then, this random old guy who looked at least 60 years old walks up and says "Eh boys, having a picnic or what?" in a really strong generic old Italian man accent. Farmer Nick offers him some ice cream and he sits down at the table with us for a good ten minutes and eats ice cream with us. We talk about the weather and whatnot until we're ready to leave. I guess he went into the Maxi after that, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was just a hobo in a nice shirt trying to bum some ice cream off us. Either way he was the coolest random ice cream eating old man I've ever met and is worthy of the title Ice Cream Dude.

That's my story.

Saturday, July 3

Another prom picture

Not pictured, but his shoes were black shelltoes with flames on them.

Friday, July 2

If only

I'm not allowed to write on the board in Physics anymore.

I wish

  • Public transportation in this city was better. A lot better.

  • I had a job.

  • Stoney wasn't in Ottawa last night.

  • There were fireworks every night.

  • I had my high-speed internet again.

  • My biological clock wasn't totally off.

  • People weren't so afraid of teenagers. Last night we kept telling groups of people "Happy Canada Day" but only two of them answered. Jerks.

  • I was watching the movie Snatch right now.

  • Lists were easier to make.