Wednesday, January 17


Fuck winter. Seriously, right in it's freezing fucking ass, fuck winter. There I said it.

Do you have any idea how cold my kitchen and bathroom floors get in the winter? Since the depanneur I happen to live above doesn't keep their heating on overnight, my floors approach temperatures of somewhere around negative eleventy billion on a nightly basis. I'm scared to walk around with wet feet for fear of getting frozen to the floor. The only semi-comfortable thing to do these days is huddle in my bed with a blanket over my head, silently wishing that global warming would just hurry its ass up and come warm my grinchy little heart up just a tiny bit. I don't care if the human race gets eliminated, I don't care if I drown in my own sweat, I don't care if Montreal is obliterated by a tidal wave as the glaciers melt at an alarming rate, just make it be fucking summer again. Somebody, please. I fucking hate winter.