Tuesday, January 3

wasting some time at work

  • 2 hours of sleep
  • No breakfast
  • Painful cough and stuffy head
  • Room full of computers and video game consoles raising temperature to crazy, untolerable levels
It's fucking hot in here and I'm starving. My eyes are starting to hurt and I can't stop coughing. I think I may have given the guy in front of me whatever disease my friend gave me. My feet hurt. Back, too. Did I mention it's hot in here? Christ. If this place can afford to pay me to play games they should be able to splurge on some air conditioning. Yeah, I'm aware it's January. This place is like an oven with all the electronics in here.

Other than that, though, it's all good. My food just got here so I'm gonna go do whatever it is people usually do with their food. I think it might involve some form of eating.