Monday, September 27


You may have seen the famous video on the internet of the LARPers, or Live Action Role-Players. Basically they dress up like Everquest characters and act out huge battles, but in the video they pretend to use magic and spells also. A wizard (or mage or something, I don't know how they decide what to call themselves) throws little darts at another guy and screams LIGHTNING BOLT! LIGHTNING BOLT! LIGHTNING BOLT! over and over. It's pretty geeky.

Well Montreal has something sort of like this, but with no magic spells. Every Sunday about 50-70 people get together on Mount Royal and fight each other with fake swords, staves, armor and hammers. Me and two friends went to the mountain yesterday and some guys asked us if we felt like trying it out. We did.

It was geeky, but also sort of fun.

Friday, September 24

I'm Still Here

Yeah so I haven't had internet at home in a while now, so that's the main reason why I haven't written any blogs lately. It takes me like half an hour to write a good blog and every time I get started on one in school or at a friend's house I don't feel like it after about 3 minutes.

So what's going on over here? Not much has changed... I still really hate TV. Last night on CTV news they covered such compelling stories as a fire station in Winnipeg taking heat because the firemen were looking at porn on the station computer. So let me get this straight... they risk their lives every day for stupid shitheads who fall asleep with a burning cigarette or can't cook french fries properly and burn their house down but OH NO they looked at porn so they should be punished. I mean christ if everybody who watched porn got in trouble for it, humanity would have been enslaved by itself a long time ago. Oh yeah I forgot it's because firefighters are supposed to be good role models for kids and pornography is BAD. It will make you go blind and you may become addicted to it. Give me a fucking break.

And to finish it off, CTV's final story of the night was on whether or not Britney Spears faked her marriage, either for publicity to sell her new album or due to legal issues. I think the real question is: Why the fuck does anybody care? Why haven't the people that do care been deported to the Sun yet? CTV seemed to express the opinion that if the marriage was fake, it was for publicity reasons and that she was just trying to stay in the spotlight until her new album comes out. Maybe they should realize that by covering the story in the first place, she's already succeeded in drawing attention away from the important things in life and towards her.

Now I might have expected to see this kind of crap on eTalk Daily (don't get me started on that piece of shit excuse for a show. Everybody who thinks anything reported on that show is even mildly important should be shot out of a cannon into a black hole.) or Entertainment Tonight, but not fucking CTV NEWS.

Then again maybe I don't really hate TV. I mean I love Family Guy and The Simpsons and The Daily Show but hate almost everything else on TV, but I don't hate TV itself. I guess I should say I hate what's on TV at almost any given time.