Monday, June 28

Hooray for sober people

This, my friends, is Andrew Barney.

Looking good, Andrew.
PS: He doesn't remember a thing.

Saturday, June 26

I done graduated, sucker

Whoa, where the hell do I start this crazy post.
Me and my date went to meet a bunch of people for this kind of pre-prom party thing. That wasn't anything special but here's a picture of it anyway.

Then it's off to the Ritz Carlton in a red Pontiac Grand Am (what can I say, I like to splurge) to go pretend to be happy to see our teachers and eat 95$ food. Here is a picture of Ryan Burns which sums up the entire event.

In this second picture we have a hairy beast and Stoney on the right.

Here is the hotel room we rented for the night. Kayla is on the left while Alex is standing up and Bryan is sitting on the far right.

A bunch of stuff happened here where I forgot to take pictures or was to busy tending to people while they threw up repeatedly. We didn't drink or smoke anything, though. Honest.

At 2am we decide to go to McDonald's down the street. Everybody can barely walk and the McDonalds is full of drunken teenagers screaming some nonsense about graduating.

Soon after getting back we go back outside to not smoke. Note the following sober people:

Half an hour later these two fall asleep and people randomly enter our room. A whole bunch of people are asleep in the other rooms so the ones that are still up come to stay with us.

The rest of my pictures are mainly people passed out on floors which isn't anything too unexpected. I'm gonna try and get some more off my friends and upload the good ones here. For now here is a bonus picture of Bryan.

Monday, June 21

And away I go

My internet should be cut off any minute now. It just stalled for a few minutes which reminded me to write something to let you know where I'll be.

I have to get a job before my mom will hook it back up so tomorrow is a good day to start handing my CV out. That internet cafe place turned out to be a hellhole and I'm too young to work there anyway. So now I have to try and get a job at Subway or McDonalds. For real this time. I mean it.

No, really.

Sunday, June 20


This is Kirby. He is your new leader.

Damn you, biological clock!

I told myself I wouldn't go to bed past 4am tonight.
I told myself I would get some sleep in before 4, so I could wake up at noon at the latest.
I told myself this because I woke up at 6pm today. Even though I managed to make plans with Stoney, I still missed out on a lot of free time.
I told myself I would go to bed, wake up, have a big breakfast then maybe look for a job.
I'm telling myself now that it's 5:17am.

See you all at suppertime.

Thursday, June 17

The reasons guns were invented

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I think the scariest part of this post is how little I had to look around to find these quotes.

Wednesday, June 16

Public Service Alert

We interrupt this post to bring you FREAKY PHYSICS TEACHER FROM HELL

Tuesday, June 15

I hate McDonalds

A friend just recently informed me that her friend is looking for someone to fill a spot at a local LAN cafe type place. Basically the job involves sitting in a chair and tapping at a computer randomly whenever somebody walks in. I figure I might as well get paid for what I do in my spare time so I'm gonna try to get the job. My only worry is that somebody will realize how great the job must be (christ, do I ever NOT want to work at McDonald's) and get it before me.

I'm not usually a praying man, but if you're up there, please help me Superman.

Photoblog test 1.5

And this is a picture of my computer that I kinda like. Enjoy.

Photoblog test 1

This is a picture of me to test out Photoblogging.

Monday, June 14

I'm still alive

I stopped blogging for a bit mainly because every time I think of something good to say I forget it by the time I get home and get discouraged, but now I promise I will try to let all two of my loyal readers know what's going on more often.

Anyway I come back to for the first time in around a month and they've totally redone everything. That includes adding a whole bunch of fancy new templates which I think I will use from now on. The old one was nice but a change is good once in a while. I don't really feel like writing a new template so this will have to do for now.

What's new? My prom is in two weeks and I need a summer job, desperately. That's what's new.

Here is a picture of some ducks.