Sunday, October 24


This weekend, my dog Carlo had to be put down because of a sudden stomach problem he developed only late last week. It came out of nowhere and by this Saturday he was unable to eat from it. We tried to treat him with antibiotics and special food but by Saturday it became clear that he would probably not recover.

I might have said I hated him but everybody knows that isn't true. I'll miss you, buddy.

Thursday, October 21

Telemarketers SUCK

So apparently I got a job yesterday, yeah I know I said I would never go back to telemarketing, but you know how things work out some times. The only difference is that now instead of selling old geezers credit cards I have to convince them their bank account is in danger and get their account information as verification. I probably should feel bad scamming people like that... but you know what, I don't.

Without giving away more details let me just tell you that the number of people who would read out their chequing account info over the phone to a complete stranger is actually pretty scary when you think about it. Suckers.