Saturday, May 8


There was something I was supposed to tell you.... something important...

Oh, yeah. I'm in like Toronto or something right now. I just went to the CN Tower and took a bunch of pics which I'm currently uploading to Yahoo! Photos. So I'll paste the link at the end of this post.

We went out for breakfast at this restaurant called like Charlie's Charbroil or something, but they wouldn't serve me because the health detector said nobody under 18 years old is allowed in the restaurant because there are smoking sections in it. What the hell? In Quebec you're lucky if your food DOESN'T contain more carcinogens than the average ton of asbestos... here they don't serve you because you might sue for getting cancer in their restaurant? Anyway I just waited in the car while the guys I was with ordered for me and that was that.

So here's the link, eh.

Thursday, May 6

Toronto Trip 2k4

Well it's been confirmed that I'm going to Toronto on Friday afternoon and leaving some time on Sunday. I'm probably going to leave school at lunchtime tomorrow because we have to arrive in Toronto relatively early to set up at the LAN, so that's sort of a bonus.

I'm thinking of redoing the site to a kind of roundish, bubbly design, but I'm not sure yet. I'm way too busy with the huge pile of homework that every teacher seems to be piling on during May, which is another reason why I love my school so much.

Monday, May 3

PureLAN 6

Wow, it's been a long time since I've updated. I'm trying not to forget about my two readers but it's really hard when I'm spending all of my time playing StarCraft or Diablo II on BattleNet.

Speaking of video games, this past weekend I attended PureLAN 6 hosted by LQJR. All in all the event was great but they had some pretty crappy Internet which made playing on BattleNet sort of a pain. Apparently the tournaments had some problems but that didn't affect me as I'm not skilled enough to bother with them. Lan ETS is still better than LQJR, though.

This weekend coming, TFL (Toronto Fun League) is hosting a LAN party in Toronto. I may be going to this one, which would also be my first time to Toronto. So that's pretty cool, I guess (dorky cool).

If I do go expect pics and a writeup here.