Wednesday, April 14

Stupid mouse

For the past week or so there have been mice running around in my room. I'm not sure how many but I would assume it's more than one. Anyway I was just on the PC when I heard one of the little fuckers scratching around near the corner of my room. I went over and realized that he was inside this old PC that was on the floor. It's one of those really old 486's that is wider than they are tall, and a panel is missing from the front of the case. I assume that's how he got inside.

So I tilted the case and sure enough he ran up to the panel to try to escape. Once he saw me looking back at him, however, he ran back inside. Stupid mouse. Then I propped the case upright with the open panel facing up, and stuck a paper towel in the slot where he came out of. I am now the proud (not really) owner of a pet mouse. Of course, I can't see him, but I can hear him scratching at the walls of the case trying to get out. I wish I still had my cats so I could put the case in the bathtub along with the cat, and let them fight it out. Mice can't climb bathtub walls very well so it wouldn't turn out very well for the mouse. I'll probably shake the case out over the bathtub and drown the little guy. Hey, it's a shame but I sure as hell ain't letting him roam around my room anymore.

Oh, and you know the guy that always leaves 2 drops of milk in the carton just so it looks like there's milk left, then when you go to pour yourself a glass all you get is barely a mouthful of milk?

No, I'm not him. I hate that guy too.

Tuesday, April 13

Ach! Mein update!

It's been a while since I updated this thing... guess I've been too busy doing nothing.

Most of my level went to the Europe trip this week so now it's 19 days of free periods and random chaos in school. There are like 10 people in some of my classes... the teachers just basically say "Do what you want" and we talk for 50 minutes. Every period. I guess it would have been nice to go to Europe (5000$) but this ain't bad either.

I applied for a job at Subway the other day and I will probably apply to another one closer to my house soon. If I get this job you'll probably see me expose all the rumors behind Subway like the toppings are two weeks old or they don't bother washing their hands or whatever. Most likely, I'll just whine about French people though.

You see, the only reason I specifically chose Subway is because of the simplicity of their menu. You can order a 6 inch, a 12 inch and maybe a cookie but that's about it. I can barely make out what a lot of French people are saying most of the time because of how fast they speak. Working at a McDonalds, with their huge menu, would probably confuse the hell out of me to the point where I burn the place down. Now Subway, on the other hand, has a relatively simple menu. Even the meats are universal in some cases... "steak", "roast beef" and "tuna" are examples of this. If I get real lucky, mostly English people will show up and I won't have to bust out my crappy French. Oh well, that's what I get for living in Quebec.

Lately I've been playing a little bit of Battlefield: Vietnam which is what I'm going to go do now. Before I go, I just want to leave you with something special.

You know that guy who always says the punchline to a joke before someone else can?
He'll usually stay quiet during the joke's setup, but at a point just before the punchline is ready, he'll proclaim it to the world because he's already heard the joke before. Usually just before the joke teller finishes his sentence, he'll step in and take over. Example:

"What's the opposite of Christoph--"
"Christopher Reeves!"

Of course, the setup was "What's the opposite of Christopher Walken?", but this guy didn't wait for that part to come before finishing the joke himself. Almost every group of friends will have this guy in it.

I'm that guy.


Thursday, April 1

Prom shenanigans

So everyone is currently obsessed with either their newfound acceptance letters to college or the upcoming grad night. When I'm not hearing someone say "I GOT ACCEPTED INTO JOHN ABBOT BABY WOOOOO" as if the person thinks that the president of Canada just personally invited them to attend Harvard, I'm hearing about hotel rentals and prom dresses and limos and afterparties.

I don't get how you can get so worked up over prom. It costs you about the entire yearly budget of a small African country for one night. Then you leave the dance to change clothes and get as wasted as humanly possible. Why don't people just skip all the stuff inbetween and go right to the parties afterward?

I'm probably going to spend around 86$ total for prom night. Instead of renting a tux I can just buy one of those white t-shirts with a bowtie drawn on. Classy and affordable.