Friday, April 29


Am I the only one who wishes biological clocks came with an instruction manual? I find it's way too easy for my biological clock to get out of sync, but incredibly hard to try and reset it. For a few weeks I've been going to sleep around five in the morning and waking up at five in the afternoon. I'm starting to think my biological clock has some sort of factory defect or something. Falling asleep is like some sort of challenge to me. I lie awake in bed for an average of about two hours per night, and if I try to get to bed by a decent hour I'll just lie there until the sun comes up and sleep through the entire day.

Which brings me to today. I should be asleep right now, but I'm forcing myself to pull an all-nighter so I can get to sleep at a decent hour later tonight. I'm really only writing this blog because it's something to do in the meantime that will keep me awake. I'm highly considering riding the metro around the city for a few hours just because I know it would force me to stay awake. It's sort of a shame that I'm only writing here because there's really nothing else to do, but on the other hand at least I'm writing something. I haven't written much lately, but don't think it's because I don't have anything to say. If anything, it's because I have too much to say. If I were to write down everything that goes through my head I'd never get ANY sleep.

As long as I'm here I might as well say a few things. First off, what's all this I've been hearing about gays not deserving the right to adopt kids? Is this some sort of twisted joke that I'm not in on or something? Just watching a politician openly saying that gays and bisexuals shouldn't be allowed to adopt children with a straight face makes me sick to my fucking stomach. I'm absolutely speechless, in fact. I'd like to state a list of reasons why they should be allowed to, but I don't even see the point in doing so. I honestly cannot understand how anyone could truly think that a person's sexuality should determine their rights. Writing the last three sentences took at least ten minutes because I can't even choose the right words to express myself.

Fuck it. I'm not even going to bother. Just thinking about the pure idiocy and hypocricy of some people makes me want to cry my eyes out. The fact that there are people on this planet who actually believe some of the bullshit they spew under the pretense of being tolerant and caring baffles me beyond words. Knowing that these people are so dedicated to their prejudice that nothing I say will phase them puts me in such a terrible mood that I don't even want to bother any more.

Anyways. Lately I've been getting tons of junk mail from internet vigilantes who thought subscribing my e-mail address to a bunch of newsletters would demonstrate the error of my ways. Congratulations, you've made me spend an extra five seconds checking off a box and clicking "Delete". I will never, ever make fun of anyone again. You've sure showed me a lesson I won't soon forget.

It hasn't been all bad, though. I've received quite a few complimentary e-mails and comments and I'd like to let you know that I appreciate them all. It's always good to have proof that there are others like me who aren't so stuck up on being politically correct and can have a laugh at other people's expense every once in a while. Yes, it is fun to laugh at those who are less fortunate than ourselves. I'm not saying you should make a habit out of it, but I'm not going to jump down your throat when you eventually do it. A lot of people like to argue the fact that I wouldn't like it if others laughed at my misfortune. And you know what, maybe I wouldn't. But that's why it's called misfortune. It sucks. Part of it being misfortune is the fact that people are going to laugh at you. Actually, there's probably nobody on this planet that makes more fun of me than I do. Accepting the fact that others will get a small amount of pleasure from your displeasure makes life a lot easier to go through. I highly recommend it.

Speaking of complimentary e-mails:
I am a 53 year old "Mother" from Texas. Would you marry my 21 year old daughter? She may need to live in Canada when the US gets the draft again. I really enjoyed Terri's Blog. If I need a Blog about me or any other family member, I will contact you. RK
Assuming this isn't a joke, which it most likely is:
Sure, I'll marry your daughter. As soon as you explain to me why your daughter would have to dodge the draft. Maybe it's the same reason you put "mother" in quotation marks? Sorry, I don't swing that way. But at least if I did, I'd have the right to adopt a kid where I live. Whoops. I wasn't supposed to mention that again. There goes my blood pressure.

Well, this has taken up about an hour and twenty minutes which is long enough for me. Before I go I'd like to mention that Michael Jackson was damn sexy back in his prime. He might be a scary, boy-hungry waxface now, but back when he was still black he was the shit, there I said it.

Friday, April 1

It's about time.

In case you haven't already heard, Terri's status has finally been changed from Basically Dead to Dead. I'd like to think that with her passing away we'd be hearing the last of it but now that she's a martyr I don't think that's going to happen.

It really is a shame that despite the cold hard truth that every living thing must someday die, there are people that just can't deal with the concept of death and choose instead to cling to anything they can pass off as life.

Rest in peace, Terri.