Friday, January 7

Cameras make the best toys.

Wednesday, January 5

Generic title

Attention. The following things piss me off:

Stupidity. Not only stupidity in itself as everyone has stupid moments but the fact that stupidity is apparently a desired quality. People love to tell others how dumb they are rather than have an intelligent conversation. People have asked me, with straight faces, "Why do you waste your time watching documentaries?". Sorry, I guess I wasn't aware that choosing to learn on your own about whatever interests you was a waste of time. I also wasn't aware that what I choose to do on my time is any of your business. Anything that can be seen as educational is automatically hated by most younger people. I once sat quietly in class and read a book while my peers talked about how fucking wrecked they were on the weekend or how much they hate school solely for the point of hating it. People started making fun of me because I was reading. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. If you're going to waste your own time in school, then try to stop others from learning and wonder why you fail your tests, why don't you just stay in your goddamn house.

Bandwagon rebellion. All of a sudden it's cool to hate police officers for no reason. Cops have one of the worst fucking jobs in the world. They have to deal with strung-out homeless people, intoxicated criminals and god knows what all the time. This alone should make people respect police officers to a certain extent, but it doesn't. It's a growing trend among teens to hate cops. The police are not our fucking enemy. Stop pretending you're a gangster with a pure hatred for police and shut your fucking mouth. I asked somebody why they hated cops so much and they could only come up with "Because they don't let me smoke weed." Well boohoo, you're not the first person to get hassled by "the Man". Instead of whining like a baby and hating people for the sole reason that they are doing their JOB, why don't you write a letter to a politician urging them to change drug laws. Oh, that's right. Writing a letter might make you look smart and you definitely don't want to do that.

Hysteria. There's a big fuss in the states right now over a father who shined a laser pointer into an airplane's cockpit while pointing it into the sky with his daughter. He now faces up to 25 years in prison. Am I the only one that doesn't see a crime being commited? Temporarily blinding somebody is just being mildly annoying. It's not a crime to be annoying. If it was, most celebrities would be rotting in prison right now. The states think that shining a strong light into the cockpit of a MOVING AIRLINER could cause it to crash. Even if somebody could somehow keep the light focused into the eyes of the pilots while the plane moves at an ungodly speed through the air, such an evil and well-planned terrorist attack could be countered by... oh, I don't know. MOVING YOUR FACE A CENTIMETRE TO THE LEFT? Putting your hand up to block the light? It's really depressing to watch a nation of people allow their rights to be taken away from them in the name of safety. Duct tape is one of the best ways to tie people up quickly and effectively if you were hijacking a plane. Why hasn't duct tape been made illegal? I mean, if you are going to tell people they are not allowed to smoke God's plants in their own homes, why stop there? Why not ban cigarettes, which have been proven hundreds of times to be addictive in the worst sense of the word, give you cancer (not only you, but your children who don't even smoke, as well) and instantly cause rooms to smell like somebody died? Oh, that's right. It's because cigarettes make money. My mistake.

Tsunamis. Why couldn't they hit the United States more often? I'd like to see them invade the Pacific Ocean in retaliation.